Why OneMedia?

OneMedia are a full service company providing a range of services surrounding the design, content, deployment, management and monitoring of Digital Signage Networks. Our technical team are responsible for the management and monitoring of networks, whilst our Creative team of Designers produce professional Screen Layout Designs and Creative Content development.

Our expertise covers all aspects of Digital Signage and each of our services can be used individually or as part of a combined package. This allows us to be flexible to the customers requirement from standalone installations to enterprise networks.

OneMedia Benefits

  • Reduce overheads by outsourcing to experts.
  • Rely upon our professional expertise for content production designed to meet your signage requirements that really works.
  • Your Digital Signage network monitored to maximize up time and resolve issues quickly.
  • Content refreshed a regular intervals.
  • Synchronise updates with other messaging or marketing strategies - such as website updates and advertising schedules.
  • Free up time for your staff to concentrate on their main role.
  • Pay as You Go Payment Plans to spread your budget across the year.
  • Top-up Payments for those individual projects that require more time than usual.
  • Combined content design and website development packages available upon request.